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You want to know what I approve of?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 9:44 PM
  • Listening to: Pentatonix
  • Reading: The Nightshade series <333
  • Watching: ...Myself rocking Skyrim
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: ...
  • Drinking: Water~Vasser

Just thought I would let you know

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 8, 2013, 8:11 PM
  • Listening to: The Beautiful Skyrim Music
  • Reading: The Nightshade series <333
  • Watching: ...Myself rocking Skyrim
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: ...
  • Drinking: Water~Vasser

Still heartbroken...

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 4, 2013, 9:45 PM
  • Listening to: ...
  • Reading: ...
  • Watching: ...
  • Playing: ....
  • Eating: ...
  • Drinking: ...


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2013, 8:55 PM
  • Listening to: Pentatonix <3
  • Reading: The Nightshade series <333
  • Watching: Myself type this stuff up for you people
  • Playing: Music xD (See what I did there?)
  • Drinking: Water~Vasser

You ready?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2013, 10:46 AM
  • Listening to: Pentatonix <3
  • Reading: The Nightshade series <333
  • Watching: ...Myself rocking Skyrim
  • Playing: Skyrim ;P
  • Eating: Waffles <33
  • Drinking: Water~Vasser

~Precautions must be made~

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 20, 2012, 8:30 AM
  • Listening to: Evacuate the Dancefloor ~ Cascada
  • Drinking: Water~Vasser

Sorry you guys, but im going to be gone for so long that i fear someone may think im never returning, like my stuff or whatever, and hack into my page. So therefore NO MORE NOTES! Sorry, but no exeptions unless if it is a buisness matter that can wait.
I'm sorry you guys :\

Off to Africa


I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 18, 2012, 9:31 PM
  • Listening to: ZE:DA RAP BITCH!

Reasons why:……


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 18, 2012, 7:45 PM
  • Listening to: Misery Buisness~ Paramore


Listen to the song i am listening to! :D

:bulletyellow:Misery Buisness:bulletyellow:

Sad news i never mensioned:
Going on a mission trip VERY soon to Africa for who knows how long :\
I'll miss you all & will get OCCASIONAL internet access.
I may be there for as little as six months up to four years...who knows :\
Its a more personal thing that i have to do
I must...
:iconfinallyplz::iconsaysplz:FOR TEH CHILDRUN! xD

Thanks xXEpicPanda13Xx!

Wed Jul 18, 2012, 7:13 PM
  • Listening to: Misery Buisness
I only JUST NOW got a month long premium membership...
some of u know how that makes me reterted ^^;
others dont need to know
  • Listening to: Down~ Jay Sean
what plz accounts have #'s? like :iconrainbow-bplz: :?
Thanks guys! :):la::D
  • Listening to: Cascada~ Everytime We Touch/ Down~ Jay Sean
  • Drinking: Water ~
I know it is probably made up but the thought of it was...saddeningly pleasing to my eyes
Tis on my page now ^^

Just a girl and guy were speeding, on a motorcycle, over 90 mph on the road...
Girl: Please slow down, I'm scared.
Guy: No, this is fun...
Girl: It really isn't Please, your scaring me!
Guy: Tell me you love me.
Girl:I love you, I LOVE YOU! Now please.!
Guy: Give me a BIG hug.
*Girl hugs Guy*
Guy: Take my helmet off & put it on yourself, Its bugging me.
(In the paper the next day)
A motorcycle last morning crashed into a building because of break failure.
Two young teens were on it, but only one survived.
The truth was that halfway down the road the guy realized that his breaks went out, but didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him & felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die...
If you love someone this much put this Short Love Story on your page.
  • Listening to: Cascada~ Everytime We Touch/ Down~ Jay Sean
  • Drinking: Water ~
I'm thinking about starting a group, but I will be in need of help...I know how to & all, but for those of you who know me alot will understand why i need help (if you dont know, then you have no need to, sorry)
If you're seriously interested in helping, send me a note & I will give out details & what not...
Or if you just want to give an opinion on whether or not it is a good idea, eitherway
  • Listening to: B.A.P~ Warrios
  • Drinking: Water ~
I figured/discovered that stamps & what not so i have spent the past hour or so "upgrading"
if you want, look & tell meh what ya think ;P
I ____ you.

You have (a) nice ______.

You make me _______.

You should _______.

Someday I will ______.

You + me = ________.

If I saw you now I'd __________.

I want to ________ you.

I would build a _______ just for you.

If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

We could __________ under the stars.


(P.S. ______________.)

Oh and I am __________ (GOING/not going) to post this in my journal and see what you write about me.
I feel like im loosing my grasp of interest in DA
So if im gone, you may know why ^^
  • Listening to: Botten Anna ~ BassHunter
No offense, but ... There are some people who are getting too fake on dA. They only want posts, comments, or friends and see how many pageviews they get. So let's see who re-post this. This is a test to see who pays attention. It is a test to see how many people in my friends now I pay attention. Copy and paste this in your own journal. Let's see who the real people. Re-Post this if you're not a fake. Do not reply ... just copy and paste this into a new Journal as "false Deviants"

So...ya, sure. I figured I'd accept the challenge (Found by :iconwakathefox: xP )
& screw the do not reply thing, who cares ^^
  • Listening to: Firework ~ Katy Perry
my mood just got ruined...i went through all this damn work just to find out that i still cant upgrade a very simple thing on this computer....all i wanna do is caption some pics but this thing is too...ugh DX
I <3 :iconwolfsplicer: (As a friend yo xD )

:iconstewie3plz::iconstewie4plz::iconsaysplz:What the devil is going on up there?!
  • Playing: Skyrim...
In life, we just don't have the epic background music wherever we go
(THANKS :iconbadkittytigerstar:)
  • Playing: Skyrim...
If you like simialr music to mine, then check out my newest deviation ^^
Its an emotional letter type of a sort full of song titles that you may or may not know (& if you see a title of a song you may wish to hear, it has who made which song if you didnt already know)
If you dont that's fine by me, dont let my crap waste you time.
oh, & IDK why the hell i want to, but i have an extreme urg to talk to :iconwolfsplicer: